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If you are in the automotive industry then you need an SEO online marketing plan. 50% of new car sales are made online.


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Getting Locked Out Again?

Are Bump Keys a Threat to Locksmiths I was wondering this because a guy just used one to get into my dorm room here at Clemson.  So it made me wonder a little bit does the public knowledge of bump keys did it make the locksmith industry happy. It opened up public scrutiny and negative images for locksmiths because it spread open knowledge of how vulnerable the public can be with the locks that are on the market. Privacy was made insecure and uncertain because of a locksmith in jersey city nj who uncovered this whole concept.

Locks are designed by locksmiths, manufactured in factories, sold for public and private use, and then worked on by locksmiths who must pick the locks for people who lose keys or leave them locked inside the building or vehicle. It’s somewhat of an amusing circle that moves from the locksmith and back to the locksmith. When I am at home in West Palm Beach I never have had an issue with my locks.  the one time I got locked out I used West Palm Beach locksmith and they came right away to help me out and where amazing!!

Bump keys gained popularity and gave the public a glance into the world of the locksmith. The glance, however slight, made the job seem easy. A locksmith faces many challenges aside from the types of locks that can be opened with bump keys. But the public knowledge brought forth both positive and negative attention to locksmiths. In some aspects it showed that more credibility needed to be gained from those legitimate in the business to ease public concern over those who are not. It caused more work for locksmiths in some ways because of the amateur criminals who adopted a belief that they could get away with more wrong-doing in an easier way. It also showed many ways our modern locks were failing us.


Not everyone, of course, was willing to take the bump key attention to heart. It lost popularity after the initial shock was over. Locksmiths are still a respected group who are much needed; in some ways, the attention brought by the bump key information enhanced business for locksmiths.

Bump keys are certainly not the only way a criminal can enter your home, business, or vehicle. If a person is determined to enter and is persistent, there are many other ways to accomplish unlawful entry. Not every criminal would want to take the time to learn the proper way to make and use the bump key.

Locksmiths will continue to flourish in their trade, and if the truth be known, have had occasion to use the bump key as well. The real threat to the public is in not taking responsibility for their own safety and not taking criminals seriously. Lock bumping is not new. The Dutch and German locksmiths experimented with it many years ago. It’s just another form of lock picking that was put in the public eye that people had not realized was a threat all along.
So, even though the public and the locksmiths frowned on the bump key knowledge becoming public, it was only a matter of time before it surfaced. The interest died down once the spotlight was removed. Life goes on. Locksmiths are still respected in their field and will continue to be such. Lock manufacturers didn’t suffer enough for it to affect them on a large basis.

The bump keys are only a small part of the tools that fall into the wrong hands. There is no way to keep every tool that could possibly cause unlawful entry out of the criminal’s hands. Hence the job security of the locksmith will remain secure!

Marketing Your Car Dealership

In today’s tough economy it seems that after all of the government bail outs and private equity money.  Ford and other car manufacturers are starting to come climb back.  We know in American history Ford has been a pioneer in th automobile industry and will stand the test of time.

It does not matter if you are a Ford dealer in orlando or a ford dealer miami.  You need to learn how to market your dealership online to be able to sell your vehicles across the united states with a click of the mouse.  .

Our statistics show that 70% of new auto sales are taken place last year from a person that purchased online.  They read all the details they needed and went to the dealership with the deal printed in their hand.  This one has made the car purchasing hassle free.  Gone are the days where the dealer can haggle with people to get higher than expected prices.

One of the best ways to market your Ford Dealership is by using SEO or search engine optimization to rank your cars and trucks that you are selling on the first page of Google.

Now let us look  into what it will take to market your Ford Dealership and start to profit from your auto sales online.  With a huge percentage of all businesses globally having some online presence, the need for ford auto dealer marketing has grown. Businesses are coming up with well planned SEO strategies to ensure a favorable position in the major search engine results. But why will your business need SE0 services? Further outlined below are the reasons why:-
Creates The Much Needed Exposure
With every business having a website or online presence, there is really no better way to turn the spotlight on that presence and get the targeted market interested and aware of the products or services on display. SE0 successfully lavishes attention to a business’s website and social media platforms which results to the highest marketing performance and eventually conversation rates. Being the first point of contact with the online audience, a business’s SEO backed website will not only generate leads and attract potential new customers, it will also attract investors and partners.

Not Too Costly
SEO has always paid off especially when a business has the right SE0 Company backing them up. Seeking such a service for online marketing is actually an investment because impressive returns are always guaranteed when everything is done right. Businesses with tight marketing budgets will find SE0 very favorable compared to the traditional methods of marketing. They will in time achieve their goals without having to worry about spending heavily.
Beautiful Pages Aren’t Enough
Hiring a great graphic designer who will create that attractive website for your business is not enough although it is still important. However, the main goal of your website is to generate more leads and establish contact with your target audience. Building an SE0 strategy will be required of course with the help of a good SE0 company because pretty online pages for your business are simply not enough to help you achieve that much-needed growth.
There are actually more reasons why your business should seek these services because the impact they have on a business simply can’t be overstated.


Search engine optimization is vital to the success of a website, be it a desktop site or a mobile one. If you are running an online business, it is important to make use of it—especially since most people spend more time on their phones than on other devices. This is one very obvious reason to take advantage of mobile SEO.  You need to have a good mobile presence for search engine optimization your Boston company if you want to rank high in the search results and to get more customers to your business online.

There are differences between desktop SEO and mobile SEO. Generally, unless you have the latest of the latest of phones, there are differences in loading time and graphics when using your mobile phone to access the internet compared to using a laptop. What is true for all phones is that accessing the web requires a lot more scrolling because the screens are smaller than computer screens. So, it takes a lot more scrolling to see an entire web page. But these are the physical differences between phones and laptops.

When creating a mobile site, it is important to adhere to the SEO rules you would adhere to when creating a desktop site. A site that ranks well on desktop search engine results may not rank as well on mobile search engine results. Initially, this used to be the case but Google changed things around. Sites these days have to cater to both desktop and mobile users. There are certain requirements that Google has set that developers have to meet if they want their websites to rank well in the results on either mobile or desktop.

So, you (as a developer or business owner) should make sure your site follows the necessary steps so as to make sure it is as suitable for mobile audiences as it is for desktop audiences. You have to consider a few aspects when creating your mobile site; mobile SEO relevance, mobile SEO architecture and friendliness to staying users.

So why is SEO for mobile so important? The simple short answer is that it allows your site to rank better in search engine results. The benefits of this are numerous:

  • It increases traffic
  • More traffic means better exposure for your business
  • Better exposure means better marketing
  • Better marketing means better business, which means profits

Signs That It’s Time to Outsource Your Search Engine Marketing

When you own a Florida business, it can be quite tempting to do everything by yourself perhaps as a way to cut costs and marketing is one of them. Many small Miami business owners prefer to handle nearly every aspect of their businesses in-house arguing that outsourcing is a waste of money. In as much as it true one may trim costs by handling everything internally, many entrepreneurs usually do not see positive results from promoting their brands to consumers this way. Why is this so? Marketing in Miami Florida, is not for everyone. You may have talented SEO professionals but this does not mean they would automatically excel in promoting your brand especially through online marketing.


For every business to succeed, whether small or big, outsourcing is a must. If you have never hired professionals from outside to help you with marketing and are wondering why it is challenging to take your business to the next level, here are 6 signs that you need to outsource this important aspect of every business. In other words, the following are the things to look out for on growing your business;

1)Your Revenue Is Growing at a Snail’s Pace

A online SEO marketing campaign is a critical factor to the growth of every business’s revenue. If you realize your revenue is increasing slower than is expected, it is time you outsourced your marketing needs to a good marketing agency. These agencies know how to develop effective campaign strategies that can popularize your brand thereby enabling you to get more leads hence more revenue.

2) You Seem To Be Late with Your Projects

When you are running a business, it is inevitable that you will encounter periods of high workload and stress. If you notice that you are always late with your campaigns and other projects, you should reach out to a trustworthy marketing firm. A firm like this may be able to help you deal with these pressures by doing all the marketing campaign related work for you and giving you counsel on the best way to always avoid running behind.


3) Your Employees are Overburdened

This is common for small businesses with only a few marketing employees. If yours have to spend more hours than required doing marketing work which has to be completed every week and perhaps they are only 2 individuals to take care of all these, it might be a sign you need to contract an external organization to help you with the overwhelming amount of work. Doing so would be quite beneficial especially if you can’t afford to employ another full time worker.

4) You Are Limited to a Few Channels

Do you find yourself recycling the same marketing channels time and again? It is a trap which many amateur marketers fall into. If you notice that you are concentrating only on cheap online marketing strategies for instance social media, you need to change your tactics. New options usually arise and you need to explore them too. Reliable marketing agencies normally have a wider range of experience and you can count on them to help show you these new options in addition to your old school strategies for better results.

5) Poor Marketing Results

If you have been consistently getting poor results with your marketing campaigns, it is evident enough you need help in this area from an outside firm. Look at some of the key marketing performance metrics; for instance, does your site draw adequate amount of traffic? do you have a large number of followers on social media? If the answers are ‘NO’, then it’s high time you outsourced your marketing needs.

6) Your Marketing Campaigns are Thrown Together

Proper Miami SEO services marketing needs time as well as thought. These are two factors amateur marketers don’t take into account. Ideally, each campaign needs to begin with a group discussion session, together with fact-based market study and proof of results from similar campaigns. Then after a sequence of other necessary processes, the campaign is launched. If you notice you are finding it hard to follow these procedures, then you need to outsource.

How Find the Perfect Business Accountant For SEO Company

Business accounting is an important process that will ensure that your business is able to reach its objectives. The process offers your business a lot of benefits such as practical and timely information on all its financial transactions. Without such information, you can end up making bad business decisions that may end up being costly for your business. To ensure that this process is undertaken in the right manner, you need to select a perfect business forensic accountant in New Jersey. This article offers you tips on how to find a perfect business forensic accountant NJ.

Check experience

One of the factors that you must put into consideration when you are looking for a business accountant is the number of years a certain accountant has been offering the services in the market. You need to choose an accountant with more than five years of experience in the industry. Check at their registration certificate to confirm when they started to provide the business accounting services to clients.


Just like when you are looking for any other professional, it is good to consider the reputation that different accountants have among the clients. The best way to understand the reputation is to seek for recommendations from friends, relative or other business owners who have used the services of different business accountants.

Qualifications and certification

You must ensure that you work with an accountant t with all the required qualification in accounting. The higher the qualification a business accountant has, the better the quality of services that you get from him or her. So, you have to check all their academic documents in order to select the one with highest qualifications. In addition, you have to check that they are accredited by all the relevant accounting bodies to provide their services to businesses. 


The best accountants in the market must have valid operating license from the relevant authorities. Working with a licensed business accountant gives you peace of mind because you are assured that for anything that may happen, you are dealing with an experts who is recognized by authorities. Checking license also helps you avoid unscrupulous accountants who may pose great risks to your business.

Cost of the services

The fees business accountants charge is a great determinant of how good they are. Avoid those who charge very low price because they may lack all the qualifications required to offer high quality business accounting services. A perfect accountant will charge price that is neither too high nor too low.

SEO Services For Auto Dealers In Colorado

Search Engine Optimization

Industry-leading Internet marketing solution with a proven track record of helping auto dealers achieve continued success. Our robust Inventory Management platform delivers the most powerful Internet marketing tools for any auto dealership, our proven SEO strategy for our dealer group, or OEM dealer in the country. Our design team creates the most unique custom car dealer websites in the industry, and they’re seamlessly integrated with both automated SEO and our various marketing tools to ensure that you’ll draw thousands of visitors to your site, and then convert those visitors when they arrive.


If you are looking to hire a Denver SEO expert  for your car dealer then that is a smart move.  Ranking on the first page of Google will increase your chances of growing your business.  Selling more cars and making more money to help sustain your car dealership is key.



There are always new makes and models of cars coming in.  Dont you want to be able to rank those make and models for your dealership to start selling them online right away.  SEO is the key to grow your dealership.  Make sure you get into the right plan and the company that can really help you with this and grow your dealership.  We used  to help our dealers sell more cars every week.



Proven SEO Leader

Are you looking for a proven SEO leader to help out your Ford or large car dealership?  Search Engine Optimization and online auctions are critical in 2014 to sell new and used cars in any market int he United States.


SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING isn’t an easy software program services. The idea changes every day; methods alter, concentration changes. When finding a great SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING corporation ensure they’re dialed in to the regular changes which might be going on, and not simply providing you basic, software  SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING.